Sunday, March 27, 2011


Life moves pretty fast. If you dont stop and look around, you just might miss it. -Ferris Bueller

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Its pretty cool looking back on some pictures of where youve been in the last year, and who you went there with. Some really amazing memories were made and theres no way to describe the mark that its left on every one of our souls. Deep deep deep stuff. we need to find a Delorean and live it all over again. You will never know the amazing potential that your machine holds until you just hang it all out there and do it. If you havent done it, do it. If you have, lets do it again.


 You can only ride one at a time.
 Nice chest.
 Fun Machine.
That one got a little loose on me! -Kev

Thursday, March 24, 2011

anybody need a truck

05 GMC pickup. 6 cylinder, 5 speed, 70k miles. Runs like a champ. $5k email me

Monday, March 21, 2011

Dropped the frame at the powdercoaters today.

I hate doing this kind of stuff with someone new. You never know what youre going to get back, how long its going to take to get it back, and if there are gonna be any extra expenses. The dudes a solid guy that used to work at a decent shop and just got tired of all the BS and decided to start up his own gig, so Im pretty confident he will do me right. heres hoping.


Warren Gs got a sick Panhead for sale and shes a real hoot. I can say from personal experience that your girlfriend will love going for a nice long spin on this comfy highway machine. Get a hold of Warren now if youre interested!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Saturday, March 19, 2011

stank booty gorilla noise.

Flipped the script today and put Bobby Dipes favorite Sabbath album on. Good good stuff.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Causeway lunch.

I had a late day delivery out on sanibel island today and I hadnt taken my lunchbreak yet. On the way back I decided to pull over on the causeway for a PB&J and to soak in the scenery. Sometimes FL isnt all that bad.

Another Bonus!


daytoner. again.

I got outta work around noon and was bummed that i was jumping in my truck to go to Daytona. My bike still in pieces, I nearly skipped it altogether out of principle, but decided to go after realizing that a buncha buddies from the Midwest and Alabama were there. It definitely would have been way better with a bike, but you know how we operate by now, we still had a blast. Unfortunately I didnt get any pictures of the Main St debauchery, but Im pretty certain the newest contributor, Jeremiah, over at JRS Cycle Products will be putting up his refined collection soon.

 First bike I saw at the Limp Dickie Lot. Cody was more fascinated with the dog strapped to the guys chest. Even more fascinating is homeboys hair.
 The Circle of Trust. and beer. and the game.

 Nicks new shovel. I was only slightly disappointed he didnt bring his flag.
 Cody on Warrens Knuck.
 Jay warming up the Panhead for some mandom riding.
 Somehow this is the only photo i have of Benji. It was really cool to finally meet this dude and hang out. Im certain we will be doing lots of riding with this guy and Jay in the future.
 I was really stoked on Chauncys sportster. Then bummed when his battery took a dump.
 So, all these pics are from Saturday morning. Michael Lichter wanted to shoot some pictures of Kendals Pre-Unit in motion, then somehow we all got invited into a big group ride....
 .....and Warren asked me to be his date. Of course I said yes, and we rode this here beauty of a Pan around Daytona while nursing our hangovers.
 Kendall on his sick Triumph. The detail and craftsmanship on this thing are unreal.

 Jeremiah looks angry.

 Rod from Stripped Down Cycles even came down!
 Larry from Garage Company Customs was down with his O-L
 Spencer is the other half of Garage Company Customs. I liked his bike when I saw the pictures. I fell in love with it when i saw it in person.
 I didnt realize it at first, but this was the same bike Rod rode on the Country Mile 3. He decided to finally tear her all the way down and make her pretty. Im certain the nice paint wont stop him from riding the crap out of this machine.

 Dwayne and Chauncey riding dude on dude. There was quite a bit of this on a beautiful Saturday morning. I believe Dwayne is releasing some happiness in this shot.
 The Weed Steed.
 Told you. Shane looks nuts in this picture.

 Love Alabama plates.

 They got Lichter cornered.
 We all stood and giggled when this rig pulled in. We ride these tiny, two wheeled machines packed to the gills with all the equipment we will need for a week, and hit the road. This guy drives a rolling house with his truck in tow, which has his golf cart in the bed. Man, I like our flavor way better....
 Nick looks like a monkey in this picture. The little pet ones like they had on Friends....yea, I watch Friends, whats it to you.
 My favorite of the trip.
 Shane was like a fender Lizard jumping from bike to bike.

 Damn, theres a lot of pictures here.

 Uh oh. Stalling at a green light with a hot guy on the back.
 If you look close in our specs, you can see Shane standing next to Jeremiah, still kicking.

 Joey picked up a pretty sweet shovel while we were there. Like any bike, you always want to make it your own... but this one isnt a bad place to start at!
 Most of the outta towners took it easy on Saturday in anticipation of the long Sunday drive home. Kevin and Geo popped into town to rip it up for one nite with our fellow Shithead Sal from the NYC. I caught up with them at a bar you arent allowed to bring cameras in and we had a pretty crazy evening. Sal was certain to warm the tires up after leaving the bar....
 .... and I caught a bit of the schrapnel.

 Sunday morning sky church.
 Bumper sticker of the week. Thanks for watching!
Yup. We be on the INSTAGRAM trend too...