Tuesday, September 30, 2008

so while i was in chicago, we went to eat at this place called Kuma's Corner. Its a metalheads dream! Every burger is named after a heavy metal band, each with it's own crazy mix of toppings that don't always belong on a burger... and all the while the music is nothing but metal. i had to try the Slayer... and the waitress was correct, it does have it's own zip code!

so this past weekend i decided to torture myself and sit in chicago traffic for a couple hours. i figured since i was already there i would go and visit my buddies rob and steph and chauncey. it was Blake the Snakes birthday so we had to go tear it up for the nite. my plan was to leave the next morning for tomahawk to watch my brother's band play, but i decided to help rob and steph move their apt. instead. We tore up the town both friday and saturday nite. I tore up my jeans on saturday nite thanks to my open primary. so i just want to say thanks to everyone for a great time! Blake, happy birthday again! Sneaky Pete (or Stinky pete as i like to call him) thanks for the chicago bar hopping tour. Ross the Boss, thanks for being so KIND. Rob and Steph thanks for the hospitality! and Chauncey, thanks for the cool new scar! (riding pics courtesy of Steph!)

Yup. We be on the INSTAGRAM trend too...