Thursday, October 6, 2011

doing the neutron dance.

not a huge mopar guy, but still a nice car.

one of the cooler bikes at this months swap.

deep thoughts with Kevin Crilly

time to put her to the test...

Breakfast buddies.

Juan Dinero.

FrankLouie, the two faced cat turned 12.

getting small on the way to BMR

and finally, I got the clearance from my physical therapist to take the bike around the block and see how it feels. Couldn't have come sooner either... Roscoe's is right around the corner

Thursday, September 22, 2011

"I was born a poor black child."

if you haven't watched The Jerk in a while, do yourself a favor. Oh, Burnadette Peters.... so fine.

thats right. Ho made.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"p.s. Is Grandma still partying?"

What do you get when you buy a new phone and empty out the old one of all its pics?! a really large post on the D-HOLE!
 Geo is under there somewhere, working on some wiring.
Bmr Entry

 my campsite at BMR

Sometimes theres a man.....

Chuck's FXR built by Sal at Hard Life Bikes. 

Lakeside on the country mile 4

killer crown vic

after a 4hr road trip in my 65 C10, my brother was hooked. picked up this 63 Econoline no less than a week later here in FL and drove it home. to New Hampshire.

Hillbilly Red Bull

my frame when it first came back from the coaters.

What do you do when you just bought the perfect frame for your flathead project but forgot that you rode your chopper there? improvise...

Geo at Boston Mikes pre-party.

And Jay at the same party. We got wrecked that nite.

Who else.....?
Geo at work.
Sent this to Eugene.

Got this in return.

Spotted on the way to Joes wedding.

Kelly in Jackson Hole, tearing it up on a KTM


Jayvey Crockett

Droppin science on it.

Meesha and a mexican.

I don't even know what kinda car it is...


maybe i'm a tad bias cause i'm in it, but i love this pic. shot by Lichter

Kevins soon to be evo... (currently done)

Helping turn wrenches with smelly Kelly

Ride to the Bride teaser pics before we met up with the dudes.

sweet birdbath on the way to BMR

sick pan. sick shirt.

Shannon participating in the "tear Geos sleeves off" trend that occurs constantly

Kevs new frame on a test run

here's why i haven't ridden my chopper in a while. sucks. but i'm almost back to it...

Oh the infamous Wednesday nite at lookers.... I think this is Geo hanging out the window of the truck on the way home, puking incessantly....

.....and then Kev passed out in kellys driveway. This must have been before the belt fight started cause kevin still has clothes on.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Donutts lately.....

Been in a slump lately. Only one fully functional hand can be a bit discouraging when everything you like to do requires two...... Well, almost everything. Therapist (not "the rapist") today told me that she believes i should be a-ok to ride to Roscoe's in November, so there's definitely a light at the end of the tunnel!
Finally got the bed back on me truck with a little help from kevin and geo. Looks like a real truck again... and you wouldn't believe what a difference a bed makes when it comes to handling. A little orange paint on the tailgate so people will stop asking me "What year Ford is that?"

Oh, and to the anonymous commenter below that wants to take cracks at peoples bikes, feel free to send in pictures of the time your bike broke down on its way back from a cross country trip.... oh, thats right....

Monday, August 8, 2011


kevs evo so far....

and nothing like corduroy pants to make you feel like 1994 all over again
Yup. We be on the INSTAGRAM trend too...