Friday, October 31, 2008

oh yea... and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!
so, here we go getting all emotional again.

I had a long talk with someone i consider a good friend this morning, and he made me realize that sometimes when you have good intentions, you ought to stop and think about your execution first. It was pretty crummy and immature of me to air my dirty laundry out the way i did. this was intended to be a place that is nothing more than motorcycles and a good time and i crossed that line and got my personal life involved instead. no matter how mad i am about what has happened, i owe an apology to someone for the manner in which i went about it. if i could go back and do it differently, i certainly would, but at this point i can only apologize and learn a lesson. doooshbag taught me a long time ago that anyone can say sorry... but it doesn't really mean anything if you do it again... so consider that the last time i air my grevances out in public.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

so two weeks ago my work threw a car show that ended up being pretty badass. It was pre-75 cars, and pre-85 bikes only and the lot was full thirty minutes after the show started. Peej did the pin striping, Uptown savages handled the music, and the cheaters showed up for good measure. Warren brought out his new shovel that kills all and Blake and Taylor rode up from chicago on a pair of cool ass rigids (there, you happy blake? haha) that nite we went out for drinks with blake and taylor and saw a pretty rad band out of chicago named Hay Perro. check em out if you can.

phil and pj's rad schwinn collection

the infamous dick billings kicking away.

Yup. We be on the INSTAGRAM trend too...