Wednesday, April 10, 2013


So, called Kev for some help after realizing that the Rad Dad frame didn't come out quite right, and isn't quite what I need to fit the bill. We talked about building something and I get to be the test pilot for the first frame from his shop, Straight Up Cycles.
No, it won't look like this, and no it won't meet the same fate this frame met.
dudes gone pro these days. more to come- stay gooned!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring Break 2013

So, last week was spring break for me and I decided to head to Milwaukee and set up a job for the summer. If you ever have to travel anywhere long distance, and it's not prime chopper weather, and you have the option to take a train somewhere, do it. It may take way longer to get there, but totally worth it.
A narrowed Beetle is about the last thing you expect to see at 3am at a train station.

Price Choppies.

Observation car on the train. Shame the landscape between Kansas and Wisconsin is anything but pretty.
Found out my buddy Jason and his girlfriend Lucy were gonna be on the same train.
Early morning Bloodys and a game of Blockus.
"What you talking bout Willis?"
My kinda town.

This is what a 5am accident looks like when a cop throws his sirens on but doesn't slow down for red lights. Cop was totally at fault, and I was one of 20 people who witnessed it. Think the driver of the van got to go home that nite? think again. Crooked cops.

I looked at these labels for like 20minutes before I figured out it was an American flag.

Blake and Cody at a sweet little dive bar in Chicago.


The view from Turbo and Dayna's front porch above Taylor St. Tattoo.

The view of Taylor St. Tattoo looking down from Turbo and Dayna's porch.
Hopped the train to Milwaukee.... place looks like cold war destruction from the tracks.

a moment of silence please for the grounds in which The Shed once stood, now merely a parking lot for Section 8 housing.

Hidden swazis on the train.
Got picked up from the station by these two: Rikk and Rocko.

So, the shop I'm supposed to work at this summer has some killer projects lined up. This El Camino included....
...but with a sweet paintjob featuring Taz on the hood, I don't see a reason to change a thing.

neat mural near the park.

Big gears for big cranes. Made in Milwaukee.

Still my favorite bar in Milwaukee.

Miller park.

FINALLY walked INSIDE the Harley Museum and checked the place out. I'll put em all up on another post.

got to hang with Andy for a bit.

Dick Billing's sick slabside.

See Rikk work.

See Rikk play!
Play Rikk, play!

Like father like son.

One of my favorite MKE choppers. Can someone please tell me why this one didn't make it into the Milwaukee edition of Show Class......?

I kept hearing about how good a burger from Oscar's is...

...and yup, it was that good.

Dick Billing Henry J drag car.

I'm not a trike guy, but if I were to build one, a shovelhead, a 4speed and a set of Halibrands would be a good place to start. This thing was pretty sweet.

Oh yea, Dick Billings third chopper, you know, the one with the chrome frame.

Moleman has one of the sickest pan choppers in town, yet he can't get off this thing long enough to take it for a ride.

I think at some point in time I'm going to have to get a Bad Boys Club tattoo.

....and with that, it was back to Chicago before heading home.

"Hi. I'm your date."

The view from the queens throne. His hair smelled so dreamy....

Best BBQ I've had since I left FL. Order the Bacon and a Brew- you won't be disappointed.
unless you don't like bacon.
or beer.

This picture doesn't even do the new Bravetown justice. the place is huge.

Kyle performing surgery on Z after a "smash this bottle over your head" experiment.

Dayna preparing the herbal remedies.

....and this is what Bravetown looks like at 5am.
Thanks to anyone and everyone that showed me so much hospitality on this trip! Turbo and Dayna thanks for letting me snore incessantly in the spare room, and Rikk for letting me crash on your couch and love up on Rocko! If you see this and I didn't see you on this trip, no harsh feelings, it was a crazy week with lots o running around to be done- I will see you in the summer for certain...
...and it seems a fellow shithead may be up that way even sooner than me... but don't worry Bravetown, he "just needs to get back on his feet."

Yup. We be on the INSTAGRAM trend too...