Tuesday, June 30, 2009

so this past weekend was the most fun i've had in a long time. Our buddy Peter Pan has a piece of property out in Mauston (just outside of the Dells) that he's been telling us about for a long while now. He finally decided to throw a little shin-dig out there and invite all his buddies. We left friday at about 1pm and had a gorgeous ride out there. sunshine, warm weather. We even stopped at Dodge country cycles to check the place out (pics to come.)
moleman's beautiful panhead. Greg Wright.... or as Moleman calls him, Greg Wrong. you know who....
Steve on his shovelhead.
Ladies and gentlemen, the Killing Fields.
Steve shooting pete's 1911. there was plenty other triggers to pull as well- .38, .357, and even a mack 10!
Adam and Trista on Pete's sportyHis name is Hans. He rode from St.Paul solo. hence, Hans Solo. more on his sick evo later.... This is the waterfall we swam and fished in for a few hours. so gorgeous. i didn't want to ever leave. you could even climb behind the waterfall and there was a small cave. Peter with the only injury for the weekend. yea, the barb is buried. I asked him. he said Greedo didn't shoot first. Deep Thoughts... by Peach Johnson
We kept throwing back the little fish trying to get the monsters at the bottom. after a while we decided to settle on a couple little bluegills as a snack. MY FIRST FRESHWATER CATCH!It was Peaches Birthday so Kristen and Peter got him a cakecheck out the custom rain grooves in that tire, courtesy of the taillamp hardware.

So sunday everyone was headed for home. me and the dooosh we're gonna either head to Chicago and see all the guys that couldn't make it, or Des Moines to visit KungFu Tap and Taco. lack of funds made us stay within the state and go camping for one more nite. We thought about camping at Devil's Lake, but decided against it. Dooosh knew of a nude beach in Mazomanie so we headed that way. I gotta say, swimming naked isn't half as much fun when it's legal. and sorry guys, no pictures. my camera took a dump somewhere between devils lake and the nude beach, so this is where the photos end. if you missed it, you missed a killer time. Thanks again to Peter and Kristen for throwing one kickass party! can't wait to do it again! More details on Hans Solo and his amazing Evo next time. Stay tuned!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

load em up boys.

going camping! feel free to join, just look a few posts down for directions to the town of Mauston. I'll be back tuesday from all the debauchery. till then, you kids stay safe!
alright, i was gonna write something harsh about Michael Jackson dying too... but part of me would kind of feel like a jerk seeing as his stuff when he was still of the darker tone was pretty good. ah well. seems like the stars are dropping like flies.

oh Farrah.... you shall be missed.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

outside of the gates, the trucks were unloadin,
the weather was hot, a-nearly 90 degrees
the man standin' next to me, his head was explodin'
well, i was prayin' the pieces wouldn't fall on me

yea, and the locusts sang off in the distance,
yea, the locusts sang such a sweet melody
oh, the locusts sang off in the distance
and the locusts sang, and they we're singing for me.

-day of the locusts, Bob Dylan

nice job Kurpius. that things is rad.
RIP Ed McMahon. guess someone else will be handing me my giant check when i win publishers clearing house.

Monday, June 22, 2009

for you midwesterners out here....

ok, so i threw this up real quick yesterday and didn't have a chance to fill in more details. ThaNutz, this is the shindig i was telling you about. it's in the Dells but much more than that i can't give directions. Call peter and he can probably help you out. anyone else wanting to go is more than welcome! should be some fun!!!!

Bike Weekend At Camp "Killing Field"

June 26th, 27th, & 28th

Free Camping: Bring tents, friends, beer & booze

Store is 6 miles from the land. Any food, beer, or liquor purchases can be made once you've arrived.

Saturday: June 27th---Scenic breakfast run.

All makes and models welcome...

Directions to land from Milwaukee............

-Take I-94 to 90/94 split (towards the Dells)
-Go past the Dells to the Mauston exit (Hwy 82)
-Turn left on Hwy 82
-Follow Hwy 82 to the T in the road (Walgreens is on the right)
-Go Left and follow for about 1 mile (Road will veer to the right)
-You will see a park on the right...keep following road until the stop sign.
-Go straight about 6 miles to Overguard Rd.
-Turn Left
There is a sign for Goodhill Rd. shortly before Overguard Rd. (sign is on the right and Overguard Rd. is on the left)
-Follow this until you see the orange cones marking where to turn into the land (not very far!)

Any questions call:

Peter's cell (414) 380-1417
Peter's wife Kristen's cell (414) 380 1416

Let's go camping!

i miss these guys. lots of good times with them. hopefully more to come too.
Yup. We be on the INSTAGRAM trend too...