Friday, October 16, 2009

Hunnert Car Pile-Up

So I'm sure most of you have already seen the pics from last weekend's Hunnert car pile-up on all the other pages, but i figured i would still put mine up. Kevo and i rode down to chicago to meet up with the guys and catch a ride with Eugene and Jill to the actual show, which the state shut down cause of the 8-mile traffic backup!!!! either way, cool show, good time. All the Pompa-dorks and Orca-billies were out in full force smoking their lucky strikes and drinking their PBR's. ah yes, so amusing. don't be fooled, there was a lot of garbage at this show as well, but there was still a ton of cool stuff to check out.
I had an 1982 Malibu Wagon in highschool and ever since, I've got it bad for long-roofs.
this car was nuts.

so clean.

we couldn't figure it out either. it looked sketchy as all hell to drive, but 2 thumbs up on the motor selection!
you could hear me and Kevins jaws hit the floor when we rolled up on this one. so cool.

and now, the winner.....

uh, what? i THINK thats a cavalier underneath there somewhere. poor car.

more to come!


Fuck jersey Dan said...

that cabover is sweet,thanks for pics

dillspaintworks said...

think its some kind of tank engine

Anonymous said...

I usually do not leave a comment, but you really impress me, also I have a few questions like to ask, what's your contact details?


Yup. We be on the INSTAGRAM trend too...