Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cheap Fast and Dirty Numero Dos

Lot of cars round here lately, hey?

So, October 17th was the Second annual Cheap Fast and Dirty Car show at my work, The House of Harley. Just like last year, the weather was crisp and kept everybody bundled up. Local favorites The Uptown Savages rolled the tunes, the firetruck grill flipped the burgers, and the cars packed the parking lot with the bikes sliding in as well. It was a good time from what i got to see... I was stuck working, well for the most part that is. Id pop up when it got slow to see what new rides had showed up and there were some cool ones.

All pictures were taken been by the illustrious Big Kev.

this thing is just nuts.

Big Phils car. cleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaan.

coreys roadster is too cool. makes me want to build one.

rons malibu.

never had a beer brat before now. onion crunchies and hot mustard, mmmmmm.....

ma baas had her ironhead trike out.

and pa baas had the pan boogeying down.

peach laying paint

My boss Matt and his Bel-Air project. this thing is killer!

Adam of Dead Horse Leather and Peach Johnson

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