Monday, October 5, 2009

beer review: 2 for 1!

it's been a while, so here's your newest beer review. Kevo's been trying to get his top secret evo project in working order and hasn't been so successful as of late. so yesterday we decided to dedicate the entire day to chopping instead of riding.

kevo trying to make a list for Lowe's.

beer numero uno- PJ brought over some "Sea Dog" Apricot flavored wheat beer. good thing the beer made up for the lameness of the label. if you like wheat beers and don't mind a bit of fruit in your beer, this stuff was killer. the apricot isn't that overpowering- it's just a tad over the wheat flavor. very good stuff.

Tank mounts by kevo.

the next beer I'm still not sure why they call it a beer, but apparently, it is. It's New Glarus Brewing Company's Raspberry Tart, and it's fantastic! I'll be the first to tell you that i love a good bottle of cheap hobo wine. Sangria is my personal choice, but if you wanted to kick a couple extra bucks for something better than boones farm, this is it! Tart is definitely the key word on this beer. Kevo nearly spit it back out when he tried it. good stuff.

Where we going?

.....TO MARS DUDE!!!

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Christopher Roy said...

If ya dig that Apricot Sea Dog, try their Blueberry Wheat! its like sour blue licorish, tangy but mix it in every couple of beers and it's like candy that get's ya buzzed!

Yup. We be on the INSTAGRAM trend too...