Monday, October 5, 2009

harley museums last bike nite

so the harley museum has been having thursday nite bike nites all summer and i've avoided them like the plague for fear they would be horrible, but since it was the last one of the season, I let kevo talk me into going to check it out. yes, it was the stereotypical bike nite, but there was still some cool stuff to check out.

coolest shovel there. .

everytime i see this thing i stop in shock. so cool. built by jeff decker.

Danny Eslick's winningest 1125R

XRs. oh man. this one was a beaut.

coolest sight of the evening. I see this dad and his two kids come walking up to the previously shown rad shovelhead (see above) and they all three squat next to it. you could see the magic in the kids eyes as their dad was telling them all about shovelheads and how to identify them. I think the kids are gonna be allright.

kevin's sweet pan. check out the chain sissybar

damien does the best christopher walken impersonation i've ever heard. not because he sounds that much like him, but the words he puts together make equally as little sense as walkens do. here's his shovel.

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