Tuesday, November 10, 2009

more steg.....

so pigpen led me to a couple pics of stegs newest bike from the new psycho cycles in WA. i dig the steering dampener mounts and that rear wheel is super cool.

so i got nosey and started paging through the photographers flikr account and found some pretty cool stuff in there- the bike stuff has that same feeling as the old MC tomfoolery pics. see for yourself!

  oh. and chicks on bikes.


AA eron said...

hey that's me and my buds!

i dig the donutthole. keep it up dudes.

c said...

and im the chick on the bike.

Tony d. said...

NICE! thanks for watching!

Anonymous said...

I bought a frame from Steg when he had his shop in Echo park in LA.

paid all but shipping up front.. he kept in touch along the way. Progress, extra touches, cool shit. I was stoked.

Then he fucking disappeared.

out over a grand and he pops up four years later in a new shop two states away. Small world, people don't forget.

Easy chance to make this right, Steg, handle your business.This won't go away

Josh in Northern California

Yup. We be on the INSTAGRAM trend too...