Monday, November 23, 2009

brewery review!

So Peach and i had some running around to do yesterday to get his bsa sent off to its new owner in NY. Somewhere between it all, Peach offered to buy a round at the St. Francis Brewery on the south side of town. Naturally, I had to accept. We got there and we were the only two people there besides the bartender and the Natalie Portman look-a-like waitress. Peach ordered the Archbishop Amber, and i got a pint of the Southshore Stout, both super good! The Stout had a real nice dark flavor to it with that hint of chocolate, and the Amber tasted almost exactly like Yuengling, my all-time favorite American beer. We figure if theres 5 different flavors of beer, its in our best interest to get a sampler try them all. They even give you a sample of their "49 maples root beer" - its got a hint of maple syrup in it that makes it all the sweeter. The bartender also informed us that we could get a half-gallon jug of beer to go for a small fee, AND the best part.... while all of milwaukee stops selling beer at 9pm, St. Francis Brewery can sell you one of their jugs of beer until mid-nite!! Peach and i both agreed the Archbishop Amber was tops and he picked up a half-gallon jug.

Stop in if you are in mke and looking to try some small time brewery beer. super tasty, and super friendly staff..... even if they wouldn't let us go skinny dipping in the vats of beer.


Spanner said...

I drank the hell out of that Yuenglingeieio while in Phily. Good shit. As I was headed into Ohio I sayz to myself hey, should have bought a couple cases. duhhhh

Tony d. said...

just means were going to have to make a point to go to the bomb shelter- i believe they even have the Black and Tan!

Yup. We be on the INSTAGRAM trend too...