Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Graveyard Records

so the running joke that i've never been able to figure out is "kiss a woman where it stinks.... take her to cudahy." it's not that i don't understand the joke, I just don't understand how a city that has the overwhelming smell from Patrick Cudahy bacon factory can be called stinky. personally, I'd love to walk out the front door and smell smoked applewood bacon, but whatever...

right off Packard Ave. in Cudahy, there's a little joint i've always meant to stop off at for a long time called Graveyard Record. i was riding around saturday and stopped in to check the place out. If you are a horror movie/zombie/action figure nerd, this is your store. every single wall of this place is covered in McFarlane toys, movie memorabilia, movies, music... if it has frankenstein on it, he's probably got it.

here's his display in the back room: all costumes and props used in the new Rob Zombie version of Halloween. me, I'll stick to my Jamie Lee Curtis, but i still thought this was cool.

If you're into it, and you're looking for something rare, give Graveyard Records a call @ (414) 486-1751

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