Thursday, November 19, 2009

901st post.

missed it again. i was busy playing with my computers.


The Crazy Horse Flame Shop said...

901, you've been busy since I last saw you. I think it was at strip club in Daytona. Jose and Billy were hanging out. Long time ago. I haven't been to Daytona in over 3 years.
I saw your bike in The Horse, thought it was cool as shit, then I realized something, and I said to the bf, I know that guy!
I'm still painting bikes. Kept a low profile over the past few years.
Sounds like life is been good to you. Very cool a/c on the bike btw.
AND, where did you get that totally wicked HD sticker???

Tony d. said...

whoa! look who popped up! yea it has been a while! Haven't been to Daytona since 2007- wish i could say differently! glad to hear you are still painting! Thanks about the article! Oh, and my mom picked up that sticker at a dealership in okinawa

Yup. We be on the INSTAGRAM trend too...