Saturday, January 9, 2010

friends of the mouse....

say what you want, but i was raised on Mickey Mouse and all the Disney cartoons. Furthermore, I'd rather go to DisneyWorld than any other theme park in in FL. About 8 months ago, my mom got a job with a company that is hired by Disney to touch up the paint on all the characters and sets on the rides. What better job for someone with mouse in their blood? Well, a co-worker of hers handed her a couple complimentary tickets that she gave me and my brother so that we could go hop around the parks. Fret not, I'm not gonna bore you with a buncha Disney pics, just a few of the funny ones.

My brother Landy, Me, brother-in-law John Ralston, sister Valerie, and my Moms.
John is actually a pretty big deal in the music biz... check him out here.

scary dinosaurs at Animal Kingdom!

Theres a huge section in the dinosaur area of Animal Kingdom called "Dino-Rama". It looks like some sort of tourist trap you'd see in the middle of the desert and it's hysterical.

Walt is apparently REALLY happy to see everyone. My mom still doesn't find this funny.

Country Bear Jamboree never gets old.

Giant turkey legs. The highlight of the visit.

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Nick said...

Fuck I love Disney World.

Yup. We be on the INSTAGRAM trend too...