Saturday, January 9, 2010

first day of the new year....

so, my curiosity finally got the better of me. I had to go find out what this whole Polar Bear club thing was all about. there had to be a couple thousand people out there.

 Normally you couldn't pay me to jump in the lake. It smells like feces and rotting eggs in the summertime, but i was banking on the fact that if the ambient temperature was 18 degrees, maybe the water was so cold that the deadly bacteria was frozen in some sort of suspended animation and couldn't get me. I've been watching the scab on my shin and so far it hasn't turned green, so maybe i'm right.... ?

Yup. never again. My feet felt like blocks of ice by the time i got back to the shore.

We went for breakfast afterward and no amount of coffee could warm me up. I got home and laid in the tub for approximately 3 hours.
I hadn't had a good fish fry in a long time so i stopped by slick willies, then went to go play motorcycle at ricks garage.

He's putting a WAY shorter front end on his shovel... more pics when its back together.

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