Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hans Solo

ok, We will try this again. So the Mauston trip to Peters land happened back in june and it was a blast. If you seen the posts from then, you already know this off-the-wall bike but didnt get any good large shots of- I didnt realize it till last nite, but Hans did put up a comment with bike details on the original post of his bike, and i think its only right it gets posted with attempt numero dos. so here is attempt number 2 as well as a nice description of how the bike came about by its owner Hans. Thanks man!

"Thanks for the heads-up Tony, that was one of the best weekends so far. I can't say enough good things about all of the people that were there, It felt like I had known you for years. Pete thanks for hosting and welcoming me in, Bunny thanks for the baddest nick name yet, Peaches thanks for the locktite. The Bike. Well, this years version has a wheel base of about 56". The slow speed Head shake is from having too much offset in the trees. I tried the xl 250's because they had a .25" less offset than the stock Sportster's that were on here last year. It didn't help much. with this set up i have about 1.8" of trail. I need to make some new trees that have 1.45" offset to bring the trail to about 4.5". The only other issue I have had with the bike was from my wheel sprocket that almost fell off in the middle of the night on my ride into the woods. I had heard a loud clanging but couldn't see what was going on in the dark so I powered on. The clanging would go away as I throttled on at about 3000 rpm. It was about 80 miles later that i finally found the Killing Field. the next morning I found out all 5 of the sprocket bolts had loosened up and one was far enough out to whack the axle plate making the clanging. The chopper gods were watching over me that night. If anyone wants to see last years version it's on the HEAVY site at http://www.lifeisfuct.com/2009_03_01_archive.htmlI hope you all can make it up to Minneapolis for the Bearded Lady Show."

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