Saturday, September 19, 2009

CMIII day three

i awoke to the sound of a really loud crow flying super low over our camp. I thought it was mitch at first doing his best to communicate with the wild, but even he was woken up by the noisy foul. slowly the bodies came back to life and staggered around, while Brad sat on his bike, already packed, ready to rock n roll.

We  took our sweet time at the gas station as the crew evacuated their bowels, filled their stomachs, and chewed the fat about where we were headed. Alexs fuel tank was cracking around the mount- a simple application of some epoxy to keep the fuel from eating through the rest of his rattle can paint job and it was good. Patched up, we split for the Mackinaw

The Mackinaw Bridge is the longest suspension bridge between anchorages in the Western hemisphere. At 8,614 feet (2,626 m), The length of the bridge's main span is 3,800 feet (1,158 m), which makes it the third-longest suspension span in the United States and twelfth longest worldwide. seeing this thing in pictures just doesnt do it any kind of justice. sucker is huge.
jimmy the weed.

its funny how lake michigan smells so horrible when you live in Milwaukee, yet up here, its gorgeous and void of any kind of odor. We stopped for a few to get some sand in our shoes while waiting for some of the guys to catch up. seems its a game we would play for the better part of the day, but hey, Im in no hurry.

i have no idea what he is so fascinated by.

We got back on track and re-formed our giant 15man road python. splitting lanes, passing on the shoulder, upsetting the locals..... oh yes, all of the above.

one of our gas stops brought us to a ma and pop gas station called bobs. a quaint little store, bob took cash only on his two pumps, and let us hang out for a bit on his front lawn.

these shots were taken shortly after our first run in with Johnny Law, or as Kevin calls em, One-Time. The cop musta saw a pack of bikes roll by and had to snatch up the opportunity. he banged a U-turn so fast he almost caused an accident, and tailed shawn for at least a mile before pulling him over. we all continued on to the next gas station to wait for him. The cop apparently just wanted him to clean his lisence plate off of all the mud and oil that had caked on.

I will have to fill you in on Johnny Law experience #2 a little later. Im late for work as it is and im still eating my raisin bran in my underwear. stay tuned. 

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Nick said...

Those photos on the bridge rule.

Yup. We be on the INSTAGRAM trend too...