Sunday, September 20, 2009

CMIII day three part deux

so when we last met up i was telling you about shawn getting yanked by the boys in blue for whatever reason they felt necessary. the cop let him go after playing twenty questions with him and telling him to put a brighter taillight on. sure. thanks roscoe.
  we all rejoined in time to go through the quaint little town of Escanaba. at this point it looked like all fifteen of us were playing a game of tag on the highway- everyone jumping in and out of lanes, stopping on the shoulder, splitting between cars- i dont know exactly what happened, we were just all over the place and apparently the people in escanaba dont take to kindly to these sort of motorcycle tomfoolery. As were nearing a stoplight i see yellows a flashing and the cop, er, excuse me, public safety officer motioning for us to pull in to the gas station.
not good.
shut the bike off.
get off the bike.
pocket check
spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch
oh man.

(now, I was going to put this in quotes, but its not exact so this is the best i remember it.)
*Gentlemen, weve been getting some calls from some people about a bunch of guys on motorcycles passing on the shoulder and between cars, and travelling at an excessive rate of speed. I just want you to know that we dont tolerate this sort of behavior here in Escanaba and we would appreciate it if you would refrain from doing it again. ok? ok. have a nice day guys.*


ive never seen fifteen bikes fire up so fast and split out of a parking lot like that- below the speed limit of course. wow. again, thanks chopper Gods.

hey. buck up little camper!

the rest of the day was a blast. a couple quick rounds of motorcycle jeopardy with topics like charging systems, ignition switches....

double jeopardy- makes a popping noise while riding and makes your bike run like garbage.
the question- what is torn intake seals?

Eugene got to check out a shop with some pretty cool stuff as he found a mom and pop shop that sold him intake seals and clamps ON A SUNDAY NITE!!! and he came to pick him up!! talk about service!

and final jeopardy-  4 hours
the question- what is the maximum amount of time you would spend working on a bike on the side of the road/in a gas station parking lot when you are 27 miles from your destination before calling someone with a truck?

and thats exactly what we did. Brad scooped up the bike and again, Team B rolled in with still enough time to hang out and tie a good one on. We were staying at a buddy of Warrens place named Terry, or Gator as he preferred to be called.

oh my.
soft grass.
warm fire.
green grass.
cold beer.

what a way to spend the last nite. Then cody decided to egg gator on about the size of the fire. So Gator decided that he was going to change that with the help of Cody. I think i moved my chair back about 8feet by the time this sucker got REALLY cooking. it felt like i was sitting next to a pizza oven. I rolled out my sleeping bag out about 10 feet from the fire dozed off to the continual sound of exhaust pipes, open primaries, and kickers in my head.

day four is gonna be a short one. thanks for watching.


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