Tuesday, May 19, 2009

so it has come to my awareness after reading nelson's regular food reviews that i'm missing an important opportunity here. Milwaukee is home to all sorts of small time breweries and beers you can't get anywhere else in the country. be it the cheap yet oh-so-tasty hamm's, or the ever-funky "summer shandy" by leinenkugel's, the number of beers up here that you don't see anywhere else in the country is unbelievable. so i'm going to start having a beer of the week post, and here's the first:

Lakefront Brewerys Organic E.S.B. (extra special bitter). I was sitting on my bike letting it warm up about to go to work when this girl comes up with a six pack in her hand and asks for a lift halfway down the block- no problem. I drop her off in front of her house and she offers me one of the beers in her sixer! a sucker for trying something new, I give it a whirl later on that nite and it's surprisingly good! super light taste, and yes, extra bitter. i give it a thumb up on taste, and if i had to venture a guess, it's probably not all that overpriced. although fantastic, the small time brewery beers usually cost a bit more than the cheap shit. Lakefront Brewery usually isn't off the wall though.

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Blakie-poo said...

Wheres the picture of this girl you gave a ride? When can we talk not through text? We have some discussing to discuss. Oh yeah, once my title gets here im comin up for night.

Yup. We be on the INSTAGRAM trend too...