Wednesday, March 3, 2010

wish you were hear.

first time kevo and i ever went on a trip out of town together on bikes it was to daytona. It's not a real long ride from fort myers, but it was still tons of fun. bikes weren't squared away till after the sun went down so we had to make it a nite trip. we took back roads the whole way keeping it just a few over the speed limit making it into a nice 4hour evening trip. we got to Cochise's house later that nite, and at first he didn't have a clue who it was that would be pulling up to his house with "a big queer square headlight like that". Say what you want about Daytona, but i miss it. Theres alot of stupidity on the outside, but get to sugary center and theres good people, good bikes, and a lot of good times to be had.

Kevo sent this just to make me jealous this morning, along with a misspelled text reading "wish you were hear" and letting me know the tank is in the mail.
if you are in daytona and you see the man, or the bike, give him a big kiss from me. 


Nick said...

Yeah I just got back. It was a blast.

Cochise said...

"No Queer Shit"!!!

Yup. We be on the INSTAGRAM trend too...