Wednesday, June 17, 2009

it's starting to become summer up here and the rides are gorgeous. it's always good to go for a spin. Above: Greg and Moleman aboard a pair of beautiful panheads.

Dick. not the same dick from the post below, but the other Dick. I'm glad we'll be seeing more of him these days. he cranks his tunes so loud it's like having a jolly DJ riding along with you.Ben and Katie. The nite before was the huge party at Cook's. Warren's girlfriend Stacy's graduation, Colleen Swartz from Big Shots Digital Magic's bday, and Ben's bday. I got there super late after closing down Jimmy John's and these two were obliterated riding around on a scooter.
yea. she still won't go away.
days like this make me realize how much i love motorcycles. i don't care what it is. motorcycles. that's what this is all about. there's nothing like a beautiful day behind bars with people you love to ride with. not pictured are Peaches (formerly Peach Johnson), Hardtail Steve, and Darci. it's gonna be a fun summer.

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