Wednesday, April 10, 2013


So, called Kev for some help after realizing that the Rad Dad frame didn't come out quite right, and isn't quite what I need to fit the bill. We talked about building something and I get to be the test pilot for the first frame from his shop, Straight Up Cycles.
No, it won't look like this, and no it won't meet the same fate this frame met.
dudes gone pro these days. more to come- stay gooned!


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Anonymous said...

Comment moderation enabled? Gay. Now you will get no comments. Anyways, what happened to crepeette-was she as thick and juicy as I imagined?

Tony d. said...

yea, sun is a bit scarce in MKE.

Yes, comment moderation is lame, but not as lame as the retared ramblings of the spammers that were posting on here. I'd rather have people type in a few extra things to comment rather than have to sift through a bunch of ads for penile enlargement.

Crepette is still around, and yes, she's as hot as you imagined, and tears down blunts with reckless abandon. She is, however, girlfriend to Sal of Hard Life Bikes fame.

and hey, do me a favor. If you're gonna keep posting, put your name up already. Anonymous is a pretty fucking lame way to post. even lamer if you're just trying to use this place to get in Creepette's pants.

Jose Pelotassudaroso said...

Ok lemme try this wit my name. Not the name given to me by my parents before they knew my soul and nurtured my development from helpless babe to child to a man, nor the holy name bestowed upon my by my Creator, which has yet to be revealed, but the name of the man I have become.

Jose PelotasSudarosas said...

Lo siento, meant sudarosas, Guess I don't even know my Fin name. Anyways, show my some big girls and scoots, por favor.

Te amo, su amigo, Jose.

Yup. We be on the INSTAGRAM trend too...