Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Late Christmas vacation...

So, after I kicked all my finals ass, I hung around Kansas for a week and some change before flying home on New Years Eve. Landed at 10:45, gooned up by 11:15... thats hospitality. Two days later, I jumped on Marco's road warrior XL and headed to Mount Dora to see the folks, before returning to Fort Myers for a week. Had a blast, and got to see just about everyone I wanted to, and then some. Didn't take a buncha pics, but here's the highlights. Thanks to Marco and Jamie for letting me crash the futon at their pad, and Marco again along with Geo for letting me roll two wheels in a warm state.

Brother Fredy's in Zolfo. I had to find out if the sign on the wall was true...
.....debatably the best cuban I have ever eaten.
Found Mt. Rushmore in FL!
My Grandmother's ridiculous dog, Chiqui.
My Ma with Pa and his new bike as we get ready to go to the Webster Swap meet. 6 cylinders and all the toys he never knew he wanted on a motorcycle.
Sick Pan.
According to Kev, "Knuckles were the new Pans, and now Flatheads are the new Knuckles."
I don't care, I still want one. Namely this one.
Kev next to one of Drewbacca's Quad Cam creations.
Left the swap to head back to Fort Myers for some good times. Apparently we were chased by injuns on our way to Denny's.
"Babe, did you take all of the guns out of here?"
Geo loaned me his sporty chop for the better part of the week and this is the only pic I got of it. If you listen closely, you can hear him wincing in pain over a recent back injury.
Got to meet lil Dubs when Kelly and Sam joined me on my last meal in FL. In case you don't know them, Kelly is the man, and Sam is the woman. Ha.

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