Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dave Mann by Dave Devore (devour)

Hey, Look! the world was supposed to end yesterday, and we're still here... huh. interesting.
So my buddy Dave back home took a flight out for the Dave Mann show and I figured I'd post some of his pics. These are old hat by now, but I figure it never hurts to post the show through someone elses eyes....
 Someday, somehow, someway... I will own an Ariel Square4. so cool.

 Like his style or not, Slim builds some wild bikes.

And a few others from, I believe, the Mooneyes Xmas party

 I think this is about the only type and application of a tri-spoke that is ok in my book. so rad.

 love love love altered wheelbase cars.

And then Dave had these, and I officially hate him. Ive been dying to see this car in person since I first saw pictures of it.


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