Wednesday, October 31, 2012

yup. 6 months later.

Yea man. Been a hot minute. I figure nobody checks blogs anymore, but i see the occasional Kemosabe post, so i figure somebodies gotta be out there. 

Left FL, in KS now. decided to give up driving and finish school. tired of jobs, wanted a career. Automotive Restoration. I can't tell you how much fun classes are! I'm not gonna promise that i'm gonna post on the reg cause you and I both know how well I keep that word. But I will do my best to erase comments from Anonymous morons that use this page to talk to themselves about their solid poops and whatever nonsense they have on their minds.

Thanks for still being here. leave a comment if you aren't a dick and still come here! 
Oh, and Happy Halloween!


Nick said...

Hi Tony.

WhitelinePsycho said...

Cool career choice man.

Anonymous said...

LOL and all this time I figured you enjoyed the comments!?!? There were even some classics in there, espec. the poodildo lines. Hell if you weren't posting somebody had to try an keep things movin. Anyways, good call on finishing school.

Anonymous said...

Hey /\/\ didn u also talk bout yer grandaddy's saggy balls that hung outta the hole in his crotch? And how u got poo on your thumb? What's wrong wit you man?
You never did tell me bout them mudhole after i axed bout tem.
You keep deletin these posts like yer braincells! Stay in school and learn somefin man.

Tony d. said...

Hi nick! and thanks!

I just couldn't believe that every couple of days someone would come on here and write some of the most ridiculous things to none but his owns entertainment. let alone do it anonymously which is incredibly obnoxious. for all i know you're some jerk off that i don't know with nothing better to do with his time.. or you could be a buddy, which would now make me look/feel like a complete dick. sorry, just didn't ever know how to take it.

but thanks for keeping this place moving. at least something was changing somewhere on here at some point in time. there were some funny ones in there, I will give you that much. and apparently the jukebox is down, so maybe i'll try and do something about that.

Spanner said...

Hi long lost bf

Jason McElroy said...

Dropped by to check in on your today. Glad you're still at it.

Resto school sounds fun.


Yup. We be on the INSTAGRAM trend too...