Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Look! A Post!

Been a bit. Sorry dudes. New diggs, lotsa work, bike in the hyperbaric chamber. Nate and Cody flew into town in January to enjoy some sunshine, and Sal and Kris drove all the way from New York just to put a new fuel pump in his truck and help kevin put his frame together. Fun times. Kevo and Kelly just had birthdays this past weekend so its been crazy to say the least. Trying to get back into the swing.
 fun with tators. bolt fell out and got caught  in the rotor. Chewed the both up a fair bit.
 and the regulator was toast. Ah well. I like factory charging systems though. Super reliable for the most part.
 That was sooo last year.
 Chopping with the Crillys.
 This goes back to when we were both living at Kevs parents house. We were the house with 5 vehicles out front and a pile of motorcycles in the garage. The Puerto Ricans across the street was the house with 5 vehicles out front and a pile of rice burners in the garage. I dont know if any of their cars were fast, but they sure worked on them a lot.....       and i bet thats exactly what they were saying about our bikes.
 Kev welding on his short bike project.
 He got it for 80 with the neck not attached.
I decided to go JoshKurpius on my bike and do every last bit of this thing myself. Ive been wanting to learn how to weld forever and Geo and Kevin got a score on a tig welder, so i figure now is the time to do it. Cody told me recently that he has never seen me finish a bike before and i realized he was right. She was due for some maintenance and I figured id make her look pretty and run better at the same time. Stay tuned- more to come. In the meantime, bob your head to the new tunes. The movie Due Date got me hyped on Mims and that Lee Jackson tune is a classic. Lately Ive been on a rap kick with a heavy dose of biggie smalls and when I heard that remix you are probably hearing now, i had to put it up. have fun! enjoy! 


mindpill said...

hey stranger!

Doogler said...

welcome back!

Tony d. said...

ha! Hey! thanks dudes!

Dave Polgreen said...

ahhhhhh, biggie. . .reminds me of our cali ride and being stuck on the side of the road in Utah.

Make that bike pretty, just like you!

Spanner said...

Hey parts dude. Harley says you're supposed to change those screws out for brand new ones everytime you remove the stator. I always figured they didn't think we were smart enough to use loctite on our own.

You don't have that problem on a Panhead!

Nick said...

See you next week ass master!

Yup. We be on the INSTAGRAM trend too...