Wednesday, November 17, 2010

new posts are like bigfoot sightings around these here parts...

So we went up to the 25th Annual Roscoes Chilli Challenge a couple weeks back and Ashley took some shots of the silliness. Saturdays Chilli was amazing and unfortunately we missed the biker games on a count of a dead battery, but we still had a ball. Cant figure out how to get pics off my camera yet, so heres what Kevins friendgirl Ashley snapped off!
 Who rides a PANhead!?! Karl and Margot Kiddo

 Bows in the breeze

The mainstage at what we nicknamed Bartertown. Notice the beer hands are gloved- twas a chilly nite....

for Florida, HA!
 Sara on the left, Karl on the right....and I have no idea what Geo is doing. Kind of a cross between Danza and Danzig.

 I still for the life of me cant figure out who that is on the left, or what their gender is. Thats your photographer Ashley in the middle.

 Kelly and Mike were like the Mario Brothers chomping caps all nite and wearing crazy headlites

 Zero to Hero, baby.

 Drive-by-Bro-Hugs from some dude that wandered in to our camp.

 Geo, the morning ray of sunshine. Peep the fire in the background and you can see Kevins socks laying on a log.

Kelly - Dude, those are going to catch on fire.
Kevo - No they wont, theyre wool.

They caught fire.
 rough morning.

Deja Vu.

 So while we were off on our battery excursion, Kelly wussed out on the mini-bike races and instead found a tree with some crazy vines hanging off it. Like, strong enough to hold our big asses.

 Photo of the trip.


Saturday nite we staggered over to where we could hear a very eclectic mix of music, only to find a Karaoke party outta Captain JJs RV! We proceeded to tear it up, while Ashley almost got her shirt torn off by a topless gal singing Janis Joplin! Heres Kelly doin Sunday morning coming down

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