Wednesday, July 7, 2010

the rest of the pics.

So unfortunately this is the last of the pics I have from our trip to California. I cant express enough just how amazing a trip of this size was, and if i could, it wouldnt have ended.
 Kevo came up a day early and my vacation had started, so we took the day to go watch the Wall of Death at the Harley Museum. The Museum picked up the tab all day, but we were sure to donate to the guys insurance fund. Theres Charlie Ransom at the bottom!

Campfire food. 

Kevo and I, packed up and ready to roll. 

First photo op of the trip, wishing the fields were filled with pieces to play the game. 

6 deep.

Ive never had so much fun waiting on the side of the road. 

oh tahoe. . . . 

.  . .sweet beautiful tahoe. . . . 
 Cody and Jeremiah with an ice delivery in Wils alleyway. 
  Im pretty sure a guy named Joe owns this one. 
and you know these two
Wil's sweet 79 El Camino i got to cruise around Cali in.

I urge you if you have never spent more than two consecutive days on a motorcycle with nothing more than a tent and some clothes on the back your bike, you need to. Never will you learn more about your machine, your friends, or even yourself than when you get out there and do it. I can't help it if you feel as depressed as I was when i first got back to work, but trust me, it's well worth it!

i'd like to send a quick thank you to all of you that loaned an outstretched hand to us at any point on this journey. from charlie and jay in Wyoming who helped us get a wounded frame back on the road, to stephen of Bolts! and Andy of Pangea that helped with Brians Generator struggles. Wil, your kindness and hospitality was immeasurable, and Bacon, you prove that Canadians are way cooler than southpark makes you out to be. Ruth and all her gals, thanks for showing us how camp is supposed to be. To anyone else that i may have missed, thank you from the bottom of my "now-broken-cause-i'm-not-still-on-the-road" heart

 no apologies for this post taking so damn long. blogger is being retarded along with the computers at work. I don't have internet at home and i'm not going to Mcdonalds to buy a cone so i can post stuff using their free wi-fi. 

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ruth said...

i kinda felt like i was running a brothel when yall where there...

Yup. We be on the INSTAGRAM trend too...