Friday, August 21, 2009

"oh, i got a helmet allright...."

so it's the 40year anniversary of the most infamous motorcycle movie in the world. rumor has it hopper and fonda are gonna do the entire ride again in commemoration of it. wonder if they'll be doing a 40year commemorative acid trip in a cemetery in New Orleans as well....
Either way, Point Brewery has been putting on a fish fry and a series of movies on the big screen for free down by the lakefront here in MKE and tonite they are putting on Easyrider. this is the first friday nite i don't have to spend jocking subs so i am totally going! unfortunately i already missed lebowski and pulp fiction, but at least i can catch Night of the Living Dead.... IN 3-D! We're planning on riding down there, so if you wanna join, email me and let's go!

on a side note, Les Paul's funeral procession left today from the Milwaukee Art Museum which is right next to where this evenings movie will be held. odd, i know, but just thought it was interesting.

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