Tuesday, May 20, 2008

DiCE party chicago

as much flack as i give chicago for it's horrible traffic.... i gotta admit, i had a blast this past weekend. Jenni and i rode down to the Cobra lounge in the middle of the city for the DiCE issue release party. cool bikes, cool magazine, and i don't know who the DJ was, but it was FuManchu, pentagram, sabbath, motorhead, etc. all nite long. It was a pretty cool group of people all nite with no gripes, just good times. I suck at names, so i don't know who's bikes are pictured here, but their the only two i could get pictures of before my phone died. somebody email me with their names. And the flathead at the bottom was one of the bikes at the show at my work on saturday. pretty kickass.
OH! and thanks to Rob and Steph for letting us crash at their place! DROPPING SCIENCE ON IT, SON!

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Yup. We be on the INSTAGRAM trend too...